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Level One Coaching Accreditation Information


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Judging Workshop 19 February 2024

Judging Pathway

Judging Workshop 8 March 2023

Dr Cherie Walker - Biomechanics of Diving
Biomechanics of Diving

Chris Fonda Nutrition Basics for Divers
Nutrition Basics for Divers

Melissa Wu COVID-19 Diving NSW Members Message and Training Video
Melissa Wu Diving NSW Video

Coaching Zoom Workshop - 8 - Q&A with Ma Jin, National Head Coach, Mexico
Q&A with Ma Jin

Coaching Zoom Workshop - 7 - Q&A with Jenny Leeming, Scotland National Head Coach, Edingburgh
Q&A with Jenny Leeming

Coaching Zoom Workshop - 6 - Q&A with Ady Hinchliffe,Diving Australia National Head Coach, Brisbane
Q&A with Ady Hinchliffe

Coaching Zoom Workshop - 5 - Q&A with Pasha Rozenberg, Swiss National Coach
Q&A with Pasha Rozenberg

Coaching Zoom Workshop - 4 - Q&A with Drew Johansen, 2012, 2016 USA Olympic Team Head Coach
Q&A with Drew Johansen

Coaching Zoom Workshop - 3 - Q&A with Arturo Miranda, Canada National Coach
Q&A with Arturo Miranda

Coaching Zoom Workshop -2 - Chava Sobrino - Systems of Thinking and Concentration Before, During and After Competitions
Systems of Thinking and Concentration Before, During and After Competitions

Coaching Zoom Workshop -1 - Thomas Rickards - Learning 5132D 3m and Rip Entry
Twisting Workshops Presentation
1. Good 5132D
2. 102B
3. 5122D
4. Learning 5132D
5 Entry Progression


"Behind the Scenes at Tokyo: Officials' Perspective" with:

Hugh Leicester - World Sailing Course Representative in Tokyo Olympic Games
Gillian Brooker - Diving Judge from Tokyo and Rio Olympic Games

FINA Basic Judging Workshop Webinar
Diving Australia Return to Judging with Gillian Brooker
Diving NSW Parents Masterclasss with Michelle Olsson