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DIVE SHEETS for all events must be submitted online at Online DiveSheet no later than 48 hours prior to the start time of the first day of the meet. Alterations may be accepted as per FINA rules.
If a late dive sheet is received,the athlete will be required to compete as a guest and their scores will not be counted as a National qualifying score

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Diving NSW Development

Diving NSW Country Development Training Program

Diving NSW is committed to assisting divers from regional and remote areas of NSW!
Diving NSW is providing opportunity to divers from regional and remote areas to develop their skills through access to training during the winter months
Numbers will be limited and open to country NSW divers aged between 10 and 19 years
Weekly training on Saturdays will be conducted at:
Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre during school terms 2 and 3.
Country divers that utilise this training program will be in consideration for selection the Country Development Camp to be conducted in September in Lightning Ridge
Term 3: July - September
$200 for term
Head Coach - Grace Rowe
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Mobile: 0435 063 548

Training Dates and Times

Saturday 8:30-10am
August 2, 23
Saturday 10am-12pm
July 19 and 26
August 16, 30
September 6, 13
Saturday 4:30-6pm
July 26
August 23, 30
Friday 5:30-7:30pm
August 15

To register and pay term fee

Term fee for upfront payment is $200. To register and pay send email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and complete direct deposit to Diving NSW account: BSB: 032006 ACC No: 369550

Alternately, if there are spots available individual sessions may attend at $25 per session. You will still need to confirm booking with Grace.



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Diving NSW in conjunction with the NSW Institute of Sport and Diving Australia are proud to bring to the athletes of diving a High Performance Centre in Sydney. The High Performance Centre commenced official operations in February 1997 and is broken into two groups. Additional funding was received in 1998 and continues in 1999, 2000, 2001, 2002 and beyond. This has allowed for more divers into the elite programme and the employment of a scholarship assistant coach in 2002. Vyninka Arlow Olympian and Commonwealth Games medalist joined the program in 2002 as the scholarship assistant coach. Vyninka moved to Brazil and the NSWIS Assistant Coach from 2005-2009 was Rebecca Manuel (nee Gilmore). Rebecca, together with Loudy Tourky, were the first medallists in the Olympic Games for Australia since 1924 where they won a bronze medal in the 10m Synchronised competition.  Rebecca dived for many years for NSW and since she retired from diving in 2002 she has been a valuable asset for NSW as the state development coach. Thanks to the generous support of a Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre sponsorship Vyninka Arlow has returned to a fulltime Assistant Coach position in the NSWIS Diving program.Vyninka heads up ETS/Elite Development squad and will work under the direction of Head Coach Chava Sobrino. In 2009 Diving NSW welcomed Joel Rodriguez 2000 Olympian as Assistant Coach at NSWIS. Joel is from Mexico and works together with Chava and Vyninka to develop our junior athletes on a three tier structured program.


The Elite Squad

The Elite squad which forms the basis for the Diving unit of the NSW Institute of Sport. This group is headed by Head Coach Salvador (Chava) Sobrino. Chava was a former top twelve Olympic competitor. He was Mexico's head coach for many years before coming to Australia in 1996 with his beautiful wife Alena to be a senior coach at the Australian Institute of Sport in Brisbane. Chava was Australian Team Coach at the 1996 and 2000 Olympics. His chargers Rebecca Gilmore and Loudy Tourky won Bronze at the 2000 Sydney Olympics in the Women's Synchronized 10 Metre. This was the first ever female diving Olympic medal. More recently Loudy has gone on to win an individual bronze medal on 10Metre Platform at the 2001 World Diving Championships. In 2008 Chava reached the ultimate goal with being the coach of Matthew Mitcham who won Gold in the Mens 10 Platform at the Beijing Olympic Games. Matthew's performance was an outstanding achievement with a world record score on his last dive to capture the gold medal from the strangle hold of gold medals from the Chinese. Chava took up his appointment to the NSW Institute in February 1997 with a determination to call Sydney home for a long and successful time.


Current Divers in NSWIS Squads:

Matthew Mitcham, Melissa Wu, Esther Qin, Genevieve de la Motte, Isabella Ashdown, Louise Poole, Nancy Wang, Brittany O'Brien, Elizabeth Macarounas, Maddison Pullinger, Molly McLean, Jocelyn Abbott, Nick Jeffree, Liam Dummer,

This squad is in full-time training. Sessions are broken up with Chava, Vyninka and Joel conducting morning and evening training for a total of approximately 5 hours per day, 6 days a week plus a competition program.

Emerging Talent Squad

The Emerging Talent Squad (ETS) Program underpins the NSWIS Diving Program and aims to identify potential national representatives and provide recognition and motivation for ETS athletes to achieve NSWIS selection standards in the future.



Click on the following link to download guidelines



Country Development Squad:

Members to the Country Development Squad have access to extra training from State Coaching Director Allen Bull in the form of development weekend camps and include an annual Camp in Lightning Ridge.  The Country Squad focus is for offseason training when regional facilities are unavailable. Divers train regularly as a squad during the winter months at the Sydney Olympic Park Aquatic Centre.


Talented Athlete Program (TAP)

Diving NSW is please to announce commening in November 2012 a new program Talented Athlete Program (TAP). This program caters for talented athletes from within diving and talent transfer athletes from other sports and directly underpins the NSWIS programs. The coach is Thomas Rickards.

2010 State Development Squad
Victoria Hunt, Grace Rowe, Marlee Barber, Ben Trabinger, Ben Reardon, Marlaina Kouzoumis, Kylie Lovell, Michaela Janu, Georgia Shaw

2010 Country Development Squad
Isabelle Allworth, Eve Thomas, Monique Collin, Dante Leydon, Natasha Welsh, Tasman Calver, Kasper Fiebig, Kristian Fiebig, Liam Connelly, Joshua Chapman,Liam Heather, Michaela Kitchingman


Louise Poole, Genevieve de la Motte, Christian Holman, LiamDummer, Elizabeth Macarounas, Sinead McNamara, Kyle Lovell, Jordan Callaghan,Georgia Shaw, Tamara Ambrose (Coach Rebecca Manuel)



Thomas Rickards, Grace Rowe, Victoria Hunt (Coach Rebecca Manuel)


Bronte Davies-Russell, Ben Trabinger, Tasman Calver,Michaela Kitchingman, Liam Heather, Joshua Chapman, Isabelle Allworth, NatashaWelsh, Ally Nesich, Marlee Barber, Caitlin Taylor 

(Coach Allen Bull, Development Assistant Coaches Emma PercyRhiannon Davies)


In 2006 Diving NSW and NSWIS have been working together on strategies to implement as part of the Diving NSW Athlete Pathway an Emerging Athlete/Talent Transfer Program. As part of stage one of this program a number of athletes were offered Trial Scholarships with NSWIS. As part of stage two Diving NSW and NSWIS will in December be conducting testing on a number of selected athletes for further opportunity for some of those athletes to trial with NSWIS and form the basis of the 2007 Development Squads. 2006 Trial NSWIS scholarships holders:

Alissa Barker, Tegan Heap, Catriona Luxford, Bronte Davies-Russell, Tamara Ambrose, Gemma Allinson, Josiah Purss

2008 State Development Squad
Genevieve Dela Motte (MLC), Sita Paling Tamara Ambrose Kyle Lovell (Parra),
Callum Roots (P10), Campbell Cole (DCW), Georgia Shaw (Abbs), Victoria Hunt (HUDA) Coach: Rebecca Manuel


2006 State Development Squad:

Maddie Meagher, Alissa Barker, Catriona Luxford, Giles Aley, Anna Peck, Sam Thompson, Victoria Hunt, Grace Rowe, Staci Drew, Tegan Heap, Rebecca Manuel (Coach)

2006 Regional Development Squad

Jack Rickards, Angus Colloff, Kate Rickards, Lauren Cooper, Rowena Schoo, Serannah Boyle, Josiah Purss, Nigel McGregor, Bronte Davies-Russell, Eric Brooker     (Coach)

2005 State Development Squad:

Catriona Luxford, Jack Rickards, Maddie Meagher, Anastasia Kozyreva, Alissa Barker, Rhiannan Iffland, Giles Aley, Anna Peck, Rebecca Manuel (Coach)

2005 Regional Development Squad:

Lauren Cooper, Emily Church, Bronte Grimmond, Kate Rickards, Victoria Hunt, Beth Alexander, Eric Brooker     (Coach)

2004 State Development Squad:

Anastacia Kozyreva, Maddie Meagher, Alissa Barker, Giles Aley, Catriona Luxford, Rebecca Manuel (Coach), Anna Peck, Jack Rickards, Thomas Rickards


Development Policy and Selection Criteria

You can download the development policy and selection criteria in the downloads section of the website.


2008 Country Development Squad
Bronte Davies-Russell (HUDA), Marlee Barber, Daniel Hudson, Lauren Hudson
Vivian Mallows, Willem Krautz (P2P Albury), Ben Trabinger , Tasman Calver (CDA), Sinead McNamarra (DNC) Coach: Allen Bull

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